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My name is Yuichi. My guests call me Ichi or Yu.
Ichi means No.1 so I hope it's easy for you to remember my name.
I am a licensed English speaking tour guide.
I was born and have lived most of my life in Hokkaido. I have a lot of experience working as a travel agent and guide. I am sure I can make you enjoy in Hokkaido!
My career is below:

I worked as a travel agent and took Japanese tourists to other countries.
I have visited more than 60 countries all over the world.
There, I was treated with kind consideration by local guides and people.
Owing my good memories in foreign countries I have been thinking that I want to treat foreign visitors same way that I was treated outside Japan.

I taught English in high school and studied how difficult it was to teach and spread English to the Japanese teenagers. Then I developed the dream to be a English guide.

I have been working as an English speaking guide.
I moved to Tokyo and guided my guests in Tokyo.
(Mainly Tsukiji Market & Asakusa)

I came back to Hokkaido and I am working at a travel agency and also as an English speaking guide.
I have had a lot of guests and they all enjoyed my tour in Tokyo.

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