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My name is Matthew Smyth, I teach Freediving, Yoga and Meditation in Amed, Bali.I am originally from Ireland but left in 2008 to see the world. After living in many different countries in 2010 I settled in Amed where I started Bali's first Freediving and Yoga school. The reason I chose the part of Bali is because of it's incredible natural beauty and perfect freediving conditions.

I believe that the arts of freediving, yoga and meditation are all fantastic tools for living more intensely. It is my great pleasure to be able to share them in our beachside sala and on Amed's vibrant coral reefs, in this wonderful corner of East Bali.

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3 Reviews for Matthew

  • Mark Mark

    Intro to Freediving in Amed, Bali

    Intro to Freediving in Amed, Bali The course had a good balance between theory and practice. You get prepped really well for going into the water through a combination of oxygen measurements, yoga relaxation techniques and diving theory. We also were made very aware of the potential risks, but felt safe and confident through the two days. The instructor was patient, friendly and professional.
    I had some issues with my sinuses which most of the time prevented me from going down head first (feet first was ok), but that doesn't stop you from learning and practicing the basics of freediving. You can still practice your breath-holding and comfort levels under water.
    The place itself is great, with good food, a chill atmosphere and a nice view.
    Give it a go, you'll surprise yourself with what your able to do

  • Magda Magda

    Intro to Freediving in Amed, Bali

    Intro to Freediving in Amed, Bali Amazing experience, New way to explore mind-body connection. I deepened my experience and skill everytime I went in the water. This course transformed the way I think about open water, gave me the confidence and ability to really enjoy diving. I’m very grateful to my teachers for their support and knowledge. Loved every minute of it!

  • Graham Abbott Graham Abbott

    Intro to Freediving in Amed, Bali

    Intro to Freediving in Amed, Bali As a scuba diver since 96′ I’ve logged well over 7000 hours underwater, though the feeling I had free diving with Apneista will always be one of my most memorable underwater experiences. One of my favourite films is Luc Bessons The Big Blue and while free diving with Matthew Smyth I really got the Big Blue Feeling. Yes the one where Jaques Mayol is on the bottom of the descent line looking around with a look of shear joy and ecstasy on his face. I highly recommend Apneista to anyone who is interested in the ocean, yoga or meditation as the 3 are all interlinked and come together so well with the Apneista free diving course. I’ve been back numerous times since. Thanks for the Big Blue Feeling!