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My name is Marcos Perez . I have been teaching thousands of new students over the last five years to enjoy the exciting new sport of Stand Up Paddle. I give lessons on the beautiful tropical island of Bali. I teach everyone from the novice to people who want to sup surf. Everyone of all ages can sup. I will have you standing up and paddling within 10 minutes. I am passionate about Supping and am sure you will be too !

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5 Reviews for Marcos

  • Corinne Corinne

    Enjoy Stand-Up Paddling on a Lake in Bali

    Enjoy Stand-Up Paddling on a Lake in Bali Thanks Marcos for a great day SUPing. A very professional and passionate instructor who wants to make sure everyone gets the maximum from the lesson. But more than just a lesson in how to SUP, it is a great day out where you can experience other areas of the Island; and a beer after a couple of hours in the water also goes down very well! Cheers.

  • Patrick Patrick

    Enjoy Stand-Up Paddling on a Lake in Bali

    Enjoy Stand-Up Paddling on a Lake in Bali Big Thanks! Was a blast, and photos came out great to show everyone in Cali. Nice meeting you and thanks for the lesson.

  • Zach Long Zach Long

    Learn Stand-Up Paddle

    Learn Stand-Up Paddle Sup Boarding in Bali with Wave Hunter outfitters was one of my top outdoor adventure experiences on the island of the gods. I'm stoked to get in to the sport and Marcos helped me catch a wave on my first lesson. He is a exceptional teacher and really pushed me to focus on proper form and timing. I had been Sup Boarding on rivers and bays before but nothing beats the feeling of Sup Boarding on real waves. The complete core and body work is a great feeling and by the end of the class my padding strength and confidence handling the board in the ocean had really improved.

  • Ulrike Ulrike

    Learn Stand-Up Paddle

    Learn Stand-Up Paddle Even if I am not a sporty person and never tried surfing before I could stand up and catch a small wave after the second lesson. I felt all muscles of my body and it was a great work out. Thank you Marco, this was a great experience and I had fun big time for real. I will continue with Stand Up Paddle when I am back in europe. xx

  • Melinda Melinda

    Learn Stand-Up Paddle

    Learn Stand-Up Paddle Thanks to Marcos and his team for introducing me to the world of SUP. Marcos has a firm but supportive approach to teaching which will get you up and going in no time. Add beautiful tropical location and learning SUP I Bali is perfect

    I think I could easily do it every day :)