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Hi! my name is Taiji, I'm living in Tokyo.
Before that I used to live in Paris and spent 16 years of my youth, so I'm alright with French too.
I’m set here since college because I was fascinated by the Japanese subculture; game manga and electronic devices. I guess I had the same kind of passion just like the younger generation of foreign guys who are fans of Japan. Then my interests shifted into history, traditional cultures and to discover the mysterious Japanese mind that made me become a bigger fan and a guide.

My activity is of course taking you to sightseeing, telling about our history and providing you information so you can have a better idea and image about our country. I'll take you to the best picturesque places and eat well, but at the same time I'd be also concerned to know about your background. I’m sure that I’ll be asking you questions to have a better understanding of your culture and history, find the differences or what we are actually having in common, because I think this is the best way to keep our souvenirs long and fresh.

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2 Reviews for Taiji

  • Ted Ted

    See Mt Fuji's stunning view points and hot spring in Hakone

    See Mt Fuji's stunning view points and hot spring in Hakone It's easy to get lost in everything there is to do in Tokyo and to get caught in the big city stress, just remember, like me and my friends did, that there are beautiful mountain ranges just an hour or so out from Tokyo. So we made the decision to get a closer view of Mt Fuji and other highlights in the area. With a pretty small price difference (depending on how many you are) the clear choice were for us to go with our own guide instead of having to run around catching buses and being more limited.
    Taiji is really a great guy who picks you up and drops you off were you live. He is fluent in english which is actually a rare commodity in Japan as per my experience. He drove us around all day and we had great talks about history and Japanese traditions. We got to see beautiful sites, eat a great local lunch and last but not least bath in a refreshing onsen (hot spring). When we got home we were all really happy we went and diversed our travels in and around Tokyo.

  • Miriam Miriam

    See Mt Fuji's stunning view points and hot spring in Hakone

    See Mt Fuji's stunning view points and hot spring in Hakone Taiji was exceptional. He tried to accommodate our interests and made sure we all got what we wanted to see. Very attentive and knowledgable. Great itinerary, fabulous lunch. We left this tour for the last day and it was the best way to bring closure to our vacation. Taiji's english is excellent. He gave us valuable information about the history of Japan and the places we visited, religion, etc. he even took a detour to take us to a lavander/herbs garden a friend of mine recommended. Without doubt I recommend this tour and Taiji was by far our best guide in Japan.