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Hello! My name is Gusti Ayu and I am a Balinese woman with a dream to offer people the chance to sample the extraordinary craft culture of the native Balinese. I began polishing the silver jewelry my Father created when I was 10 years old, just like my brothers before me. Over the years, I went from being a silver jewelry maker to a teacher offering silver classes to visitors to Bali.
Now, in my own gallery in Ubud, I offer people the opportunity to experience all of the major crafts found in Bali- silver jewelry making, wood and stone carving, batik, classic Balinese painting, ceremonial offerings (temple offerings), Balinese dance, fruit carving, lontar weaving, kite making, puppet making- I hope I remember them all!

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  • Phoebe Phoebe

    Create your own Piece of Silver Jewelry

    Create your own Piece of Silver Jewelry I had such a good time at this course! Ayu was a great teacher and a lovely host, and the setting was gorgeous. I came out with a wonderful ring at the end of it! Snacks and a drink were provided, as was transport which was extremely helpful. Would highly recommend :)

  • Amanda Amanda

    Create your own Piece of Silver Jewelry

    Create your own Piece of Silver Jewelry Would highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in jewellery making or just trying something new!

  • Darren Darren

    Learn to Carve Fruits

    Learn to Carve Fruits Had a great time carving a watermelon. The instructor was nice and patient and the workshop was in a great setting. Ended up very happy with my finished design. You are using some very sharp implements so probably not recommended for younger people.

  • Annabel Annabel

    Carve your own Balinese Wood Mask

    Carve your own Balinese Wood Mask He is a great carver, and a nice man.

    But I think the workshop could be improved. I attended by myself. The carver did not introduce himself or talk to me before starting to chop at a block of wood. After a while, I could not think of any questions to ask, so we had no conversation. Possibly language was a barrier.

    During the workshop, he did about 90% of the carving. While the mask looked really good at the end, this was not what I had paid 29 dollars for - I thought I was paying for the experience, not 29 dollars for a mask and piece of paper to take home. I wanted to learn about wood carving, and I wanted to carve. But I was only allowed to carve tiny bits every so often - this was really disappointing. I feel like I spent nearly 3 hours standing around, just watching someone else carve. What was the point?

    I bought this workshop because I have carving tools at home, and I wanted to learn how to use them. But I learned very little from this workshop and it was a quiet, awkward experience.

    Possibly this would have been a better workshop if I hadn't gone alone, or if we could have talked more, but I don't know.

    Here are my suggestions:

    - He needs to begin by introducing himself, and telling the person about woodcarving.
    - The customer should get to carve!! Not just little bits - but lots! I wouldn't care if the mask looked rubbish at the end. I thought I would get to do most of it.
    - There should be more conversation. I ran out of things to ask, but he hardly asked me anything either.

  • Elise Elise

    Learn Traditional Batik Painting

    Learn Traditional Batik Painting This class was very fun! I would go back on a future visit to take some of Ayu's other classes as well :) the center is very peaceful and beautiful and at the end you have a georgous batik of your own creation!