Voyagin Thailand Concierge

Voyagin Thailand Concierge

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We are the Thailand team at Voyagin, and our mission is to make your trip to this country a memorable one! Whatever you're looking for, we have the contacts and experience to help make it happen, so don't hesitate to reach out with any and all questions.

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  • Karen Karen

    40% OFF Phi Phi Island Tour by Speed Boat: Visit Maya Bay

    40% OFF Phi Phi Island Tour by Speed Boat: Visit Maya Bay This trip was a truly enjoyable experience. Everything was well organized. Our tour manager, Sam, was great fun. The boat ride was really nice. The islands we visited were incredible. My only suggestion would be to spend more time at monkey island. That is the reason I took this trip. I could not wait to see the monkeys. However, we only had 10 minutes there. Also some others on the boat exprsssed their discontentment with that as well. Otherwise, it was a great day. I was thrilled to find this great savings on this trip on govoyagin as the cost of this trip when you are going to agencies on the island in Phuket is about $100.00 US dollars. I got to go on this all day adventure for $42.00. I even shared voyagin with a couple I saw looking at trips at one of the tour stands. They were happy I shared the money saving tip. I would definitely use voyagin again. Thank you.

  • Jessica Jessica

    40% OFF James Bond Island & Phang Nga Bay Tour by Speed Boat

    40% OFF James Bond Island & Phang Nga Bay Tour by Speed Boat Booking over the Voyagin website was smooth and we received the confirmation details within a day. The pickup from our hotel was convenient and timely. My boyfriend particularly noted how well-organized the tour was - it was as expected based on the description, and the tour organizers and guides were extremely friendly and helpful throughout the day. We had endless water, fruit juices, and coca-cola during the day (much needed as you really run out of energy island hopping and snorkeling). One of the highlights was kayaking throughout some low caves around a really picturesque island. The tour organizers also had a photographer take videos and pictures of the day trip which can be purchased for an additional fee on the day, and my boyfriend and I had some good laughs watching everything when we came back home.

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