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I worked in Europe in several zoos as an elephant keeper. Through further education in Europe and Asia I was able to earn my qualification as an elephant trainer. My team and I really care about the wellbeing of elephants, which is the reason we founded this company in 1994.

Why my team and I work with so much passion for and with elephants? On the one hand, we want to give people the opportunity to get as close to these wonderful animals as possible and to get a deep insight in the local hill tribe life of northern Thailand and its thousands of years old "elephant-culture". On the other hand, we try to create a symbiosis of centuries old traditional ideas and the growing demands of modernity. In our opinion the protection of elephants works only through the protection of the people who work with the elephants. Their work can earn them a steady income and thus ensure the pachyderms a sustainable future. The focus is on creating good conditions for humans and animals. Together we live and work for that dream.

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