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I quit a successful career to follow my dreams, and a few unpredictable moves later I’m living my dreams, that pretty much defines the person I am - an entrepreneur, who now plans and executes bespoke experiential journeys around India. The itch to live my life differently and on my own terms, drove me to Breakaway - in more ways than one, breaking through the shackles of a secure environment and into the throes of uncertainty, followed by opportunities and new beginnings .

There are no apprehensions of what might be, the journey is always well worth it.

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  • Wilma Wilma

    Following the Thread - A Textile Trail in Gujarat

    Following the Thread - A Textile Trail in Gujarat The highlight for me was hearing the arists talk about the processes involved in their
    creations. Also the interactions between the tour leader and fellow tour members were very enjoyable - the tour leader was always helpful in telling us about local foods and customs to show us what was happening and why.