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An entrepeneur, adventurer, out-going, fun, family, movies, travel and enjoys every moment in life.
Thailand is for me the place to be and I have travelled to almost every corner of this beautiful country.
Bangkok is amazing but difficult to understand/grasp. That's how I got into cycling. I've designed/developed several Bangkok bicycle tours that will show you some of its hidden gems. :-)

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1 Reviews for Andre

  • koichi koichi


    4時間で巡る本物のバンコク、サイクリングツアー 年末に一人で参加しました。自分含めて五人の参加者で、国籍や年齢も様々。ただ、ガイドも含め、皆さん英語が流暢なので、英語ができない自分はかなりアウェイでした。混みあったおきまりの観光地に飽きた方、おすすめです。