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I was born in 1966. Travel around the world to cross overland from Paris to Shanghai in the early 20s. Opportunity was lying on overwork at trading company in the line of duty after college. I started to have interested in the Oriental medicine. Now I am working to spread worldwide the moxa which is spread in the Edo period. Acupuncture, massage, Shiatsu massages (each holds national certification). I have been working 16 years some treatment activities for a president of the company listed with first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and politicians in Tokyo.

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5 Reviews for Tomy

  • Zibusiso Zibusiso

    Learn Traditional Japanese Acupuncture

    Learn Traditional Japanese Acupuncture Tomy was an excellent instructor with a wealth of knowledge. He was very petient and was able to explain things in a very simple way. I wish time permited for me to learn more, as we were only able to scratch the surface. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. I would encourage future clients to register for at least two workshops or more.

  • James James

    Learn Traditional Japanese Acupuncture

    Learn Traditional Japanese Acupuncture Tomy came to our airbnb and it definitely exceeded expectations! As well as being one of the most interesting people I have met, Tomy also knows so much about his craft and the world of medicine, and we learned a lot about acupuncture and moxibustion, which was an entirely new concept to me but so interesting and something I will continue to learn more about.. Would highly recommend!

  • Otavio Otavio

    Learn Traditional Japanese Acupuncture

    Learn Traditional Japanese Acupuncture Tomy is a great guy, we spent 30 min more exploring Japanese clture and history, he gave me so many gifts!!! Thanks for everything!

  • Jane Jane

    Learn Traditional Japanese Acupuncture

    Learn Traditional Japanese Acupuncture I am an acupuncturist in traditional Chinese medicine from California. I signed up to Tomy's lecture because I wanted to learn about traditional Japanese acupuncture, see the difference, and enhance my knowledge and treatment techniques. It was a pleasure meeting with Tomy. He prepared well of having the information and demonstrations to share with me of his acupuncture knowledge, tools, and techniques. I definitely learned something unique from Tomy that I would not easily find in the United States. I would recommend this experience with Tomy to Learn Traditional Japanese Acupuncture to others.

  • Bruno Bruno

    Traditional Japanese Acupuncture Treatment

    Traditional Japanese Acupuncture Treatment Thank you Tomy! It was a unique experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. More than a simple massage, Tomy was amazing. He gave us a lesson on Shiatsu massage and we received an extra hour for free. It's definitely worth the money. I was a little concerned about having needles put in my back but it's in fact not painful and I feel much better now.