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Hi All,

Thank you for browsing my page :)
I am Mami, a traveler (traveled around 40 countries so far), blogger, writer, a sales person in Planing and Sales Department for IT company, and cafe lover!

Would you like to travel like a local and explore the city you feel home? ...Me too!

I really love exploring the city and the countryside of Fukuoka and would like travelers to feel the best out of these places.

Looking forward to meeting you.

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  • Shannan Shannan

    Take a Fukuoka Yatai Tour and Taste the Best Local Food

    Take a Fukuoka Yatai Tour and Taste the Best Local Food My husband and I went on the Yatai Tour in June 2016 on our second day in Japan - we scheduled this so we could get a local perspective on the food, how to order, etc. This was the smartest thing we did the whole trip! Mami was our host, and she was very attentive with setting up times, asking about food likes, and guiding us around. We are adventurous eaters and the food matched! We went to 3 locations, eating and drinking at all with multiple dishes. Yatai food is reasonably priced and some of the best tasting around - we went back several times after this night and felt much more comfortable ordering because of this adventure. Mami was incredibly friendly and we had a genuinely fun time!