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Hi! We are Aya, a group of young people in love with Kyoto and its traditional culture. We want to popularize the art of becoming a maiko internationally, therefore it is our great pleasure to help you have unforgettable and fun experiences during your stay in Japan.

We are waiting for you in Kyoto!

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11 Reviews for Aya

  • Enlightened Enlightened

    15% OFF Maiko Makeover in Kyoto Gion

    15% OFF Maiko Makeover in Kyoto Gion Excellent day and fantastic people

  • Jesslyn Jesslyn

    15% OFF Maiko Makeover in Kyoto Gion

    15% OFF Maiko Makeover in Kyoto Gion This was such an amazing experience. Despite the place being busy, they were able to accomodate for our guy friend who had no booking. He was able to dress up in a male kimono and have a photo shoot as well for a small sum paid on the day.

    I had the pleasure of having Wakano as my artist and she was very informative, went through the steps and knew told me simple instructions to help her during the make up.
    The artists were very professional and knew what they were doing. They also gave you options of looking cute or elegant which was great!
    We also got to choose which kimono that we could wear and the accessories that went with them! The photographer was also very knowledgable and knew the angles and what to do to take excellent pictures of us (we took 4 home and I got 3 postcards with additionally cost of the postcard).
    Then we had some time outside in the garden for our own photo shoots.
    The whole experience was amazing and we all would highly recommend doing this for anyone interested!

    Thank you for the lovely experience :) we will be suggesting this to all my friends back at home

  • Helen Helen

    15% OFF Maiko Makeover in Kyoto Gion

    15% OFF Maiko Makeover in Kyoto Gion I had booked the experience through Voyagin before we arrived in Japan and chose the courtyard plan experience. The house is in Gion and not too hard to find (although we had the phone sat nav, so cheated a little!) . They are based in a lovely traditional house, which was a fantastic bonus to experience (think memoirs of a geisha!).

    When I arrived I was taken to a changing area equipped with lockers for your stuff and given a white gown to wear and was then taken through to the make up area. The lady who took me through the experience was fantastic, really helpful and friendly, despite the language barrier. I was asked if I wanted the elegant or cute (Kawaii!) style and I chose the latter. She applied the make up which was fascinating to watch. The wig was then fitted and my hair was pinned into the wig and some wash-out hair dye was sprayed on to make it look authentic.

    I was then taken upstairs and got to choose a kimono and hair accessories and was dressed in these (so many layers!). I was then taken to the courtyard where a lovely photographer came in an took some shots for me on their camera and also on mine. My husband and I were then given some time to take our own photos.

    Once we were done I went to change back, the changing area is very well equipped with shower heads on the sinks to washout the hair dye, lots of makeup removal stuff, hairbrushes etc. We then went to the waiting room where I was given the printed photos and I bought a cd of all the photos they’d taken.

    Overall a fantastic experience which I thoroughly recommend!!

  • Victoria Victoria

    15% OFF Maiko Makeover in Kyoto Gion

    15% OFF Maiko Makeover in Kyoto Gion I came with my friend, and it was no problem for them to do our makeup & dress us up at the same time. We both had an absolute fantastic time, marvelled by our transformations and great pictures!! Would love to do this again sometime in the future :)

  • Tina Tina

    15% OFF Maiko Makeover in Kyoto Gion

    15% OFF Maiko Makeover in Kyoto Gion I learned alot about how to wear the makeup and the kimono. Def a lovely experience