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We offer personal ear-cleaning and relaxation massage service in Akihabara. Our shop has been operating for many years and we have prepared various options for you. The maids are quite different and each of them has their own individuality - cute, natural, cool, caring, otaku type and many others!
Enjoy the relaxing space and forget about the worries of the big city. Lay your head on the soft pillow and spend some luxurious private time with our maids!

Note: Our shop does not offer sexual services.

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4 Reviews for Ouchi

  • Max Max

  • Jomkwan Jomkwan

    Get an ear cleaning and foot massage by an Akihabara maid!

    Get an ear cleaning and foot massage by an Akihabara maid! The maid was nice and polite. It was abit difficult to communicate but relaxing experience nonetheless.

  • Sydney Sydney

    Get an ear cleaning and foot massage by an Akihabara maid!

    Get an ear cleaning and foot massage by an Akihabara maid! I had a very interesting experience with this activity. But be warned, interesting does not mean good. When I was first looking for things to do, I stumbled upon an article that listed some wacky thing to do while in Tokyo. On the list included some other things such as the Robot Restaurant and Ninja Restaurant which are things that have merit to them. The original activity I saw was an "ear cleaning by a cosplay girl." When I tried to book the place, they said the activity was unavailable and that they had a similar activity "ear cleaning by an Akihabara maid." Since I was only concerned about having an ear cleaning, this was no big deal. Being the traveler I am, I've had a random ear cleaning before in China and it was one of the surprisingly best and memorable experiences in my life. I figured if a random person at a hair salon can give me such a great experience, I thought a Japanese professional would be able to top that.
    Firstly, after booking the place, the address they gave us wasn't even a proper address. When I typed it into google, it kept redirecting us to another location. When I tried to contact the host, they were unresponsive. The only way we were able to even find the "Ear Cleaning Cafe" was because this lady at the information desk with perfect English was magically able to find a possible location. Since we had no other alternative we tried the place she said and it happened to be it. Secondly, once we arrived, we were able to see the advertised prices and we have overpaid by over 40%. Once we got into the "cafe" it was very unkempt and not a place that seemed to get a lot of people (probably for good reason). Fourth, the "maid" that was to clean my ear didn't know a single word of English. I think when I said "Hi" she thought I was saying "yes" in Japanese. Fifth she didn't really clean my ear (at least the way I expected). I even tried to tell her what to do so I could salvage the experience and enjoy some small bit of it but the her absence of any English skills made that impossible for me. It ended up being a very uncomfortable experience that I have overpaid for that my friend also though was a waste of time (although I think his was better than mine since his maid knew a little English).

    In conclusion, due to the higher than walk-in price, poor ambience, unprofessional skills, and lack of communication skills, I would definitely recommend this place to all my enemies or anyone to whom I would wish extreme discomfort or disappointment to.

  • Sheikh Sheikh

    Get an ear cleaning and foot massage by an Akihabara maid!

    Get an ear cleaning and foot massage by an Akihabara maid! My maid masseur Mana was very talkative and nice. She made the experience relaxing and very enjoyable. Thank you Mana!