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Hello, I am Ishikaki living in Shizuoka city.
I like traveling, scuba diving and also drinking.
I have traveled abroad about 30 times (Palau many times, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Cebu, Thailand, Bali, Hawaii, Maldives, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Marshall Islands).

In Japan I've traveled a lot too: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto, Numazu, Wakayama. I can tell you a lot about those cities.

I want to support travelers from all over the world. My hometown Shizuoka is not so internationalized, people are not accustomed to talking to foreign people. They may be shy even though they are known as warm & friendly people in Japan. I think it is a big loss. I want to help you so that your stay will be more enjoyable!

There are various nice "Izakaya" bars such as "Kushiage", "Yakitori", "Okinawa style", "Spanish style", "old Japanese style" (affordable price & delicious meals). I will support you in explaining how to order, how to eat. Let's have a good time together!

I am looking forward to seeing you and talking about our travel stories!

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