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We provide unique programs where you will see and experience another side of Japanese culture and life in sightseeing, activities, food and beverage, nature (and more!) categories.

Our staff and guides are bilingual and experienced. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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15 Reviews for Takahiro

  • Alex Alex

    Sengoku-style Izakaya dinner with a Robot Restaurant Ticket

    Sengoku-style Izakaya dinner with a Robot Restaurant Ticket This restaurant is obviously more for touristic people. When you entered in this restaurant, we immediately felt relax and enjoyed this atmosphere as we went back to samurai era. We had a Sukiyaki which is a japanese fondue, similar to shabby-shabu with beef and vegatebales. We also had the opportunity to hold a shuriken and a samurai sword. Its not the best restaurant I have been in japan, but the service and food was really good so if you are not sure where to eat you can go there and have a good time.

  • Jonathan Jonathan

    Eat Wagyu Yakiniku "Exclusive" Prix-fixe Dinner in Tokyo

    Eat Wagyu Yakiniku "Exclusive" Prix-fixe Dinner in Tokyo you know its good when the locals visit this place as well. excellent service !

  • Tim Tim

    Tour Asakusa and Ryogoku with a sumo wrestler

    Tour Asakusa and Ryogoku with a sumo wrestler Both Takahiro (our guide) and Kirimaru (the greatest living Sumo) were excellent - friendly and informative. Despite being approached constantly for photos while on the street, our Sumo managed to remain a friendly, super sized rock star. Takahiro was excellent as a translator and provided us with superb information throughout the tour. It was excellent and I can't recommend it enough.

  • James James

    Awa Odori restaurant dinner with a Robot Restaurant ticket

    Awa Odori restaurant dinner with a Robot Restaurant ticket For my son (age 9) and I, this was our first time vacationing in Japan.

    We could not stop smiling at both events.

    Everyone at Awa Odori was very warm and welcoming. Thank you, also, for selecting my son as best awa odori dancer.

    The Robot Restaurant show was over the top fun! Plus, the Dreamgirl song is one of our family favorites.

    These events made my son’s first international trip a very memorable one. We still talk about it to this day.

  • Kasia Kasia

    Experience contemporary calligraphy with a real designer

    Experience contemporary calligraphy with a real designer I had a wonderful calligraphy class with Yuriko. There are a number of calligraphy classes available through Voyagin, but I liked this instructor’s modern approach. Yuriko has a background in traditional calligraphy and works as a professional designer. Her calligraphy can be seen on Japanese TV credits, food packaging, and manga covers among others. For Yuriko, calligraphy isn’t just a traditional art form to be confined to museums and elementary classrooms, but a living, breathing aspect of modern design. She wants to share this approach with others which is why she teaches the class.

    Yuriko started the class introducing the materials — paper, ink and brushes. I’ve previously taken a sumi-e (ink painting) class, so we quickly moved on to drawing basic shapes made up of strokes used to draw all the characters -- circle, triangle, and square. She showed me that you can have more or less control over the stroke depending on how you hold the brush. You can even draw lines with your eyes closed for a more expressive effect. There isn’t a right or wrong way of writing a character, but you should use different approaches to convey the feeling you are after.

    Yuriko went at my speed, so once I got a hang of the basic shapes, we moved on to some characters. Since it was December, we worked on a cool design for a Happy New Year's greeting. She demonstrated the standard way to draw the characters as well as a fancier design. We practiced that a few different ways. Then, she showed me a couple of ways of writing my name, a dynamic one and a “cute" one. She brought some nice stiff panels for finished work. I had her write my name in an aggressive manga style, and used my panel to write the character for flower in a cute way. We decorated both panels with specks of gold ink.

    Yuriko doesn’t speak much English and my Japanese consists only of greetings, food I hope to order and sincere apologies. The organizer, Takahiro, thankfully provided the translation and any explanations that were needed. He also chased after me all over the neighborhood to return the iPhone I had left at the office, without which I would still be aimlessly wandering around Tokyo instead of being safely back in Boston writing this review.

    I recommend this class to anyone who is interested in contemporary Japanese calligraphy taught by one of the true masters of the medium. When you go, have a few words or phrases prepared that you’d like to learn how to draw.