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Hello, I'm Aki! I grew up and live in Nara.

Many foreign tourists in Nara usually only visit the major tourist attractions such as Nara Park and Todaiji Temple, but believe me, Nara as the birth place of Japan has a lot more to offer. If you have a strong interest in Japan’s history, traditions, and culture, and if you are rather disappointed by the modernization of Japan, then Yamato is waiting for you to be discovered!

In the Yamato region, a little south of Nara City, there are still many ancient shrines and temples that date back to the age of mythology. Here you can feel the Kami (Shinto gods) in the air. Before Buddhism was introduced to Japan, people used to respect unseen sacred spirits everywhere, including in mountains, trees, rocks, water, animals, humans, and the Sun. The 2 Chinese characters of Yamato (“大和” ) represent “Great (大) Harmony (和)" and this is the key to Japanese spirituality.

Why don’t you join a private tour to many of my favorite places, sacred sites, and power spots of Yamato where few foreign tourists go, and hear unique stories about history, culture, spirituality, and more! If you're looking for something spiritual (for example, Shinto, “yamato," history, new age, self-searching), or if you have a special close connection with Japan, then I will be the perfect guide for you. Please feel free to contact me!

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