John Hardy

John Hardy

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Hi, my name is John Hardy and I'm a long term resident of Bali. After graduating from the Ontario College of Art & Design, I set off to travel the world and settled on this beautiful island, eventually creating the John Hardy jewellery company that became very successful around the world.

I have always been passionate about art, architecture and design, so in 2005, my wife Cynthia and I brought eleven antique Javanese bridal homes to Bali and began decorating them with the intention of hosting our family and closest friends who had traveled around the world to visit us. We wanted them to be surrounded by the rich creativity and the history of Indonesia, while being comforted by the luxury and service of a boutique hotel.

We named this collection of antique, teak homes Bambu Indah, which translates to “beautiful bamboo.” While our story began with our friends and family in mind, today, we are delighted to open Bambu Indah to all of you and share it with our guests from around the world.

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