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Hello everybody, I'm Hirobumi from Tokyo.
I've been worked in the Tsukiji fish market, the world's biggest fish market in Japan for 10 years.

Tsukiji is the origin of sushi. We would like people all over the world to know the essence of sushi, and what we at the Tsukiji Sushi Workshop are offering is aimed at people wanting to know not only how to prepare sushi, but everything from learning about the procurement of ingredients to presentation.
I decided to start this as my second life work, though I'm nearing fifty soon.

Why not make your own sushi in the Tsukiji fish market, where's the origin of sushi?
I and a veteran sushi chef offer the wonderful workshop in English.

I'm looking forward to see you all!
Thank you.

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  • Milagros Milagros

    Tsukiji Sushi InsiderWorkshop

    Tsukiji Sushi InsiderWorkshop “Super sushi class!”

    I had a wonderful sushi class today with Hirobumi (the chef) and Tsubasa, our super friendly and helpful guide. Very good English too. The morning session was full so Hiro accomodated us by opening a class just for us at 2:30 in the afternoon. The class was hands on and more than I expected. I really learned a lot and am excited to go home and practice. Thanks Hiro and Tsubasa for the great, funfilled day we had today! Made our trip to Tokyo so memorable.

    Visited April 2015