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Hello there, my name is Apni. I was originally from Java, but have lived in Bali for 18 years ever since my university days. By day, I am a researcher and expert in Animal Husbandry, but by night, I am an active member of my community in Bali. There are few female guides in Bali, but I hope to be the guide who can introduce this beautiful country to you. Looking forward to meeting you!

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  • Albert Albert

    Ubud Fireflies Tour - A Countryside Adventure

    Ubud Fireflies Tour - A Countryside Adventure We did the fireflies tour with our guide Koko. It was absolutely magical walking out under the stars seeing the glow of the fireflies in the fields and hearing the crickets and the frogs. Koko was a very friendly and personable guide and gave us some interesting facts about the fireflies.

    Koko does great things for the local community, teaching local children English and buying art from them to give as gifts to his customers. Part of the money on this tour gets donated to helping the local community.

    At the end of the tour, Koko took us to a local cafe for some delicious Cassava chips and tea/coffee and gave us some beautiful Balinese artwork as a gift. A unique experience that I would highly recommend!

  • Zac Zac

    Ubud Fireflies Tour - A Countryside Adventure

    Ubud Fireflies Tour - A Countryside Adventure First and foremost - the main even, watching the fireflies was really magical. We could see them dozens at a time flying over the rice fields. We could inspect them up close and hold them in our hands. In addition to the fireflies we saw ducks, frogs, and bats flying overhead.

    I would recommend wearing hiking boots rather than flipflops. When walking in the grass our feet were covered in small little ants that bite, which was really distracting from the peacefulness of the experience. Another note is that from the event description I was expecting the trip to be led by Apni and have dinner together, but she sent her student Made (who is a super nice guy and knowledgeable himself). The food at dinner wasn't anything special (we had the fish) but the setting of the restaurant was quite nice and it felt like a local joint, away from the tourist hustle of Ubud.

    In summary, I would totally recommend this trip to others, but would just adjust my expectations a little.

  • Stacey Stacey

    Ubud Fireflies Tour - A Countryside Adventure

    Ubud Fireflies Tour - A Countryside Adventure We had the most amazing experience visiting the fire flies while on our honeymoon in Bali. Our tour guides were the most lovely people we have ever met and made our experience wonderful. Thank you very much x

  • Kacy Kacy

    Explore Bali with a Female Guide

    Explore Bali with a Female Guide We had an incredible and memorable time with Ella and Surya today. They taught us so much about Balinese culture, which gave me a deeper appreciation for this beautiful island.

    Tip to travelers: Make sure you have casg for entrance fees. Also, ask lots of questions to enjoy your time even more! There is so much to learn and understand.

  • Andy Andy

    Explore Bali with a Female Guide

    Explore Bali with a Female Guide We have spent today on an excellent day trip escorted by the brilliant husband and wife team of Apni and Made.
    We have visited Kintamani mountain, Basakih Temple, the night market at Gianyar, Penglipuran village The Bamboo Forrest and a local temple in the countryside who's name I'm not sure of but was stunning. The tour was completely flexible and we could decide what we wanted to see as well as take Made and Apni's suggestions.
    The highlight for me was Basakih Temple as the Kuningan Festival was held today and so the temple was full of people making offerings and having blessings. What an amazing experience and to feel part of it was just marvellous. Made and Apni made sure Carole and I were dressed correctly by providing us with Sarrongs and a Udeng (headdress) for me, so we both looked the part and didn't course offence. A great atmosphere inside the temple and we were made to feel welcome.
    Should anyone also need a postcard of Bali, please let me know as I now have hundreds. ( I can hear Made, Apni and Carole laughing now)
    I can recommend this trip and Made and Apni as great hosts. We hope to see them again sometime in the future.