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Hi, I'm Yuki from Voyagin. I'm originally from Fukuoka in Southern Japan, but I moved to Tokyo when I was 18. As a previous exchange student in the U.S., I've made friends from around the world and am very familiar with helping guests experience the best of Japan!

Now I'm managing Voyagin's local guide community in Japan.

We are a community of more than 2000 local guides who are eager to support visitors to any destination in Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Okinawa, or anywhere else!

Between all of us, we have local knowledge about just about any area you may choose to visit, as we have members who were born and grew up in most areas of Japan.

I will assign you a guide from our wide network who I think is the best local guide for the activity you are interested in.

Besides enjoying the activity, hopefully you will get to make Japanese friends through our experiences!

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38 Reviews for Voyagin Local Guides

  • Michelle Michelle

    Meet Hrajuku Girls Wearing Lolita Fashion!

    Meet Hrajuku Girls Wearing Lolita Fashion! Wonderful day!! Our guide was so lovely, and we had a great time learning about Lolita fashion

  • James James

    Tokyo's Best Ramen

    Tokyo's Best Ramen I have really great time. Mayumi, my guide is very helpful, kind and knowledgable.

    The food is delicious, the place is easy to find because Mayumi give me a very clear direction

    A recommended food tour for those who wants to try the best of japan food

    Beware of big portion and long queue

  • Michael Michael

    Let's Enjoy Cosplay and Karaoke Together!

    Let's Enjoy Cosplay and Karaoke Together! Rie was very easy to communicate with the set this up and handled everything from picking me up to getting me home safely.

    She and her friends made my time here really amazing, and her English was absolutely perfect.

    If you want to sing, I highly recommend going with Rie!

  • Michael Michael

    All you can eat sweets!!

    All you can eat sweets!! Ryu is an amazing guide.

    He took me all around Shibuya and even into Shinjuku and beyond while showing me the whole city and helping me with my Japanese.

    I absolutely recommend anyone wanting to see the city to get a tour from Ryu.

  • Filipina Filipina

    Watch Sumo training at Sumo Dojo with professional guide!

    Watch Sumo training at Sumo Dojo with professional guide! The guide is very nice. The stable is not crowded.