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Hello, thank you for visiting my page! I am the director of a local travel agent in Bali. We are a fully licensed travel agent and ready to serve you amazing sightseeing tours & activities with reasonable price but premium quality! Bali is known as "Island of Gods". You can find out the reason why this island has such a spiritual nickname by experiencing our tours & activities. Our service is quick & professional! No unpleasant surprises but lots of pleasant surprises:)

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  • Grace Grace

    Kecak Dance & Seafood Dinner : Uluwatu Sunset Tour

    Kecak Dance & Seafood Dinner : Uluwatu Sunset Tour The trip could be much better but the guide was impolite and didn't even properly introduce himself to us. He just let us walk around the park and tell us to go in the show when it starts. He shouldn't be in the tourism industry if he doesn't like tourists.

  • Miah Boon Miah Boon

    Kecak Dance & Seafood Dinner : Uluwatu Sunset Tour

    Kecak Dance & Seafood Dinner : Uluwatu Sunset Tour the view at Uluwatu was spectacular at sunset. The dance is something you must watch. They use 70 men instead of using musical instruments. It is different from the performance at Ubud Theatre. The beach at Jimbarang is another spectacular site at night. There are plenty of seafood restaurants and the one we went to looked like the favorite. There is a quartet who will sing to you while you dine. Beside the set menu provided, you can also order additional food. You can feel the party atmosphere.

  • Katherine Katherine

    Kecak Dance & Seafood Dinner : Uluwatu Sunset Tour

    Kecak Dance & Seafood Dinner : Uluwatu Sunset Tour This evening tour was a great way to cap my trip to Bali --- i had spent the majority of my time in Ubud and had decided to move closer south to make the early trip to the airport a little more humane. The guide and driver picked us up at the hotel and we then made the 1 hour trip to Uluwatu. During the drive there, the guide was very informative on discussing about the local history and culture and the time passed quickly. At Uluwatu temple, we chose to watch the optimal Kecak dance -- and that was fantastic!! (I recommend reading the brochure they will pass you to understand the meaning/storyline). It was also so breathtaking to view the performance over a cliff, overlooking the sunset. Truly a memorable experience. Afterthat, we headed over to Jimbaran Bay for dinner (included in the package).. was served a wonderful selection of seafood on the beach...

    Overall a great experience and highly recommended!

  • Mindy Mindy

    Kecak Dance & Seafood Dinner : Uluwatu Sunset Tour

    Kecak Dance & Seafood Dinner : Uluwatu Sunset Tour Seafood BBQ
    I was a bit worried how my first Bali experience was going to unfold. When i arrived at the airport I was excited to see someone holding a sign with my name on it to pick me up! The tour guide was dressed in traditional clothing and was very welcoming :) On the drive to Uluwatu, the tour guide had amazing English and shared who he was, pointed out different temples we'd pass by, & explained some traditional HIndu practices. We stopped by to try some Lewak Coffee and Tea's which i enjoyed! They show you where and how they make the coffee beans before they serve you a cup if you choose to have one. If not, the variety of teas was fun to try in itself. At Uluwatu, i loved hearing the functions/uses of the temples, seeing the monkeys from afar, and the gorgeous view overlooking the ocean. The BBQ fish i had for dinner was amazing also, the best part was eating grilled corn on the cob they sold in carts beachside! It had a romantic feel to it having dinner on the beach, feet in the sand, hearing the waves while the sun sets in front of you. When the suns down there are lit candles on the table and musicians come around singing and playing on their guitars.

  • Sameer Sameer

    5% OFF One Day Package - White Water Rafting + Spa

    5% OFF One Day Package - White Water Rafting + Spa It's not only the thrill of the rafting that's special, its the serene and at times Jurrasic Park-esque surroundings that make this a great experience. The guides are very friendly and make you feel like a friend. I would've never imagined, but the Spa after the trip is the perfect ending to a perfect day. It is of high quality, definitely not one of the street-side "Spas" in the Kuta area. Lunch was also surprisingly very delicious!