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I have been tattooing for 11years, studied traditional Japanese tattoo for 3 years and professionally worked for 8years in Tokyo, USA and the UK. Throughout my profession, I have been fortunate enough to work with various artists and conventions which influence my work so much. I specialize in Japanese color work but also love doing Manga style, black and gray, realistic and all sorts. I love what I do and what my clients ask me to do!

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2 Reviews for Horien

  • Zara Zara

    Get Tattooed in Ueno, Tokyo!

    Get Tattooed in Ueno, Tokyo! Horien's art and work is amazing and she is very professional. After consulting with her I was very reassured and in no doubt that I would have my first tattoo done here. She is very gentle, and for someone incredibly scared of needles, I was pleasantly surprised at how different the actual tattooing process was to how I had imagined. I left very happy with the commissioned design and the end result.

  • John John

    Get Tattooed in Ueno, Tokyo!

    Get Tattooed in Ueno, Tokyo! Horein was wonderful and extremely patient and did an amazing design in a short amount of time. Cant recommend here enough!