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  • Satya Satya

    Tour the Pod Chocolate Factory and Learn to Make Chocolate

    Tour the Pod Chocolate Factory and Learn to Make Chocolate We were expecting to see more inside the chocolate factory, as opposed to being just shown a few machines outside the shop. Our experience was over within 1h (as opposed to 2 hours). We drove there ourselves on our bikes, which was fun since the route went through a nice forested path and the weather was perfect.

    We were allowed to try lots of chocolate, which was nice. They have some very unique flavours like ginger & lemongrass -- perfect for buying as souvenirs. Considering how short the experience is, the price is quite high. The chocolate making was fun and would be awesome for little kids. The restaurant is quite average - but has a nice view of baby elephants and bears.

  • Howard Howard

    Eat your way through Bali

    Eat your way through Bali Mully was a great tour guide. I was able to contact him before hand to ask about this tour and if we could combine it with his shopping tour that he offers, and he was more than happy to do this for us. Luckily for us, he just happened to be free the following day for us. He drove us all over, to eat food from all over the place, which was all very good. We had breakfast in Sanur, with the best nasi campur that we had during our stay in Bali (we tried this same dish multiple times at other places, but Mully's was the best). We went to Ubud and had babi guling, a suckling pig dish. And on our way back to Seminyak, we stopped at a little shop to have skewers. Between all of the eating, Mully took us to different areas to go shopping, and we were able to see a few sights as well. We wanted to book another tour with him the following day, but he was already booked through the rest of the week so make sure you book early if you are interested! His english is also very good, due to his time working on a cruise ship for a few years.

  • Miruna Miruna

    Join Bali Food Safari​ - A Mystery Dining Adventure

    Join Bali Food Safari​ - A Mystery Dining Adventure Bali Food Safari is simply amazing. From the pickup, through all the restaurants we visited, to being dropped back at our villa - we enjoyed every single minute. The restaurants were all places we had not visited before and the dishes we had not tried before either - so it was a real gastronomic experience for both my husband and I. My husband is a foodie and enjoyed all the tastes and environments of the restaurants we went to. An experience we will definitely remember for a long time to come. Kudos!

  • Sameer Sameer

    Join Bali Food Safari​ - A Mystery Dining Adventure

    Join Bali Food Safari​ - A Mystery Dining Adventure As a big foodie, I was eagerly looking forward to this dining adventure. Choosing to visit 4 venues instead of of 3 ,we were never told which stop was next so there was always a sense of surprise but also uncertainty if the next place is going to be up to the mark but every single time our expectations were not only matched but exceeded. In one night I had tasted flavours and dishes never before experienced. For instance - Rabbit Satay !

    Although I am not going to ruin the mystery aspect I can truly say that this is value for money as the venues chosen were some of the best places in Bali. The team really know which dish to order from which kitchen, so even if you have been to a restaurant before - chances are that what you are trying will be something completely new or customized. The company on the night was great and even if you are not a 'foodie' per say, this is a super-fun night out!

  • Amanda Amanda

    Join Bali Food Safari​ - A Mystery Dining Adventure

    Join Bali Food Safari​ - A Mystery Dining Adventure I'm a real foodie from Singapore so this safari was my way of getting the most out of my evening out in Seminyak! The staff paced us very well, always checking in to see how we were doing and reminding us to watch our intake of bread so we would have space for the next place ;)

    What I think I appreciated the most is that I pretty much didn't have to do any work to enjoy all this good food!! No need to trawl through Tripadvisor to figure out where to eat and what to order (my usual habit while on the road). All I had to do was get in their car and follow the host!

    Based on the 4 places we went to, I could tell that the staff had put in a lot of effort to mix up the types of dishes we would try and select restaurants that had their own unique atmosphere and aesthetic. That kept things fun and interesting for all of us. Because we were on a special trip, some chefs even served up special off-the-menu items that made us feel like VIPs.

    The luxury van they used to take us around was also extremely spacious, so my dining party was always comfortable mixing with other guests while we were on the way to the next place.

    I especially enjoyed the tuna tartare appetiser at the first stop - the chef managed to fuse local indonesian flavours with a well known classic and the dish was just downright delicious!!! I also remember the 'black and white ravioli' that we had at our second restaurant which came served with a super tasty sake cream sauce and parmesan (No names or I'll spoil the surprise! haha). I'm already planning my next trip back there...

    All in all, I had a really enjoyable evening of delicious food and would recommend this food safari to anyone looking to try new things and get a taste of the best food in your area! 5 STARS!!