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Résultats 1 - 36 of 37 Expériences

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  • Ellie Ellie

    Stay with Villagers, Hike Nature Trails and Enjoy Puppetry

    Stay with Villagers, Hike Nature Trails and Enjoy Puppetry Thank you for a lovely stay! Your hospitality was surpassed only by exceptional food! You really made us feel like part of the family. We had heard great things before we came, but nothing could compare to the experience we had. The activities during the day gave us an insight in local life and the accommodation at night itself felt like a small village.

    I would like to hale you from this experience! I felt very at home here. The food was delicious and the activities especially the puppet show was very amazing!!!

    Très Chers, veuillez agreer a I’expression de mes sentiments les plus respectueur votre hospitali é fut une experience merveilleuse. Je voudrais particulierment vous remercier pour la nourriture indienne exotique que j’eus le plasir de Gouka et deguster Durant Mon sejour. B’cen à vous.

  • Kou Kou


    デリーのスラムでの交流体験・学べる体験ツアー 教えられた電話番号がつながらず不安でしたが、無事出会えツアー開始。

  • Ahmad Ahmad

    Discover the Offbeat Side of Mumbai

    Discover the Offbeat Side of Mumbai This is an excellent tour with Zeeshan, whom himself is a wonderful guide. My last day in Mumbai was spent in the morning on the half day tour starting from Sassoon Docks seeing the Koli fishermen coming in with their catch to their family selling their catch. We vistited a number of very interesting place such as the Dhobi Ghat, Koli fishermen's village, Spice Market and Thieves Market.
    My desire was to come to Mumbai was not as a tourist snapping away pictures of everything I saw, but to appreciate, absorb and captivate the different fabrics that bind Mumbai as a Wonderful city to visit.
    Afer the tour, Zeeshan was very kind and thoughtful to organise a taxi at a good rate to take me to the airport from Colaba.
    Thank you to Zeeshan, Oves (my first guide who took me to Dharavi-an ecellent tour and guide) and Fahim. I highly recommend these tours not only for their prices, but for their high quality content and excellent guides.

  • Ahmad Ahmad

    An Inside Look at the Slums of Mumbai: Dharavi

    An Inside Look at the Slums of Mumbai: Dharavi Excellent tour by Oves. Well ochestrated and spoken in a high standard of English and engaging. I 'very left Dharavi, well informed and with a deeper understanding. Although photography is not allowed, the sights and sound will live in my memory forever as my I have a deeper and meaningful respect for the residents. With Oves knowledge I able narrated Dharavi to my circle of families and frinds. Oves, thank you for sharing your neighbourhood with me, for I now have a greater admiration for Eternally Resourceful Dharavi.

  • Avisha Avisha

    Learn Block Printing at a Workshop in Mumbai

    Learn Block Printing at a Workshop in Mumbai I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the time spent at there. Thanks a lot for arranging it for me. :)