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Hi, my name Is Tariq and I have been a DJ now for 26 years, since the age of 14.

I learned to DJ the hard way using a pair of old turntables and a four track mixer way back in the early eighties, and by the time I was 14, I was good enough to start DJ'ing at clubs, bars and warehouse parties.

I originally started with Hip Hop, then House came on the scene followed by Acid House, Hardcore techno, Drum & Bass, Jungle and the rest is history!

I have Dj'ed extensively over the UK at some of the biggest warehouse parties and some of the biggest clubs in London, with some of the biggest DJ's i n the world. Additionally I have DJ'ed in Australia, the West Indies, Europe and Asia.

I am currently running my own bar in Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam. I DJ every night now and sometimes at other Clubs/Venues in Vietnam. Unfortunately, the music scene in Vietnam is not that great, it's more mainstream here, so I have been trying to introduce some new styles of music and the Art of Turntablism to the people of Vietnam!

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