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My name is Ski and I'm a Hong Kong tour guide and the founder of Big Foot Tour - one of the most popular walking tours in Hong Kong.

We think that the only way to for you to get an insider's perspective and see the real Hong Kong is to experience everyday life yourself. So here’s what you can count on when you do a Big Foot Tour: A thought-provoking walk that allows you to explore, engage, question and experience the real Hong Kong.

We leave our fantastic tourist attractions alone for some moments in order to immerse you in a real local environment. You see what the people here do, eat and believe in. To get around Hong Kong, we ditch the luxury of coach buses so that we rely on our own feet and Hong Kong’s impressive public transport system, just as how most locals would. During our walks, we point out interesting sights that have long seeped into a local’s subconscious. Through fun facts and engaging conversations, we delve into Hong Kong’s past, examine current issues and discuss about future challenges, so you can connect deeper with the heartland and truly understand why, even though it is by no means perfect, the locals call it home.

We put ourselves in your walking shoes and constantly endeavour to craft our tours from your perspective. Every participant of Big Foot Tour is not merely our guest, but a friend that we treasure. Just like how you would have a list of your hang-out places to tell your visiting friends, we share with you our personal favourites – secret chill-out places, hole-in-the-wall eateries as well as shops that allow you to get the best bang for the buck! As a friend, we take good care of you and want you to have a relaxing time. We do not visit shops that you don’t want or pressure you to buy things that you don’t need. We are able to promise this only because we do not take commissions from any forms of establishment. We also do not make you wear the same caps, follow a flag and herd you along with 30 other people. One thing is for sure, we love keeping our walks happy and intimate. =)

So, ready to travel like a local? Lace your trainers and join us for a walk which immerses you in an authentic Hong Kong environment!

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  • Eugene Eugene

    Explore Hong Kong Your Way on a Private Walking Tour

    Explore Hong Kong Your Way on a Private Walking Tour Very informative and delightfully engaging guide who captivated us for 4 hours. After we finished, we could not believe that we walked for 4 hours. More amazing was the depth of our tour from our hotel (Grand Hyatt) to the Central District of Hong Kong Island then through many neighborhoods to fully appreciate the life of the average resident of the island. We saw the upscale Soho and Hollywood areas as well. Truly and amazing way to spend our first day in Hong Kong. We are not "market/stall" shoppers but anyone who wants that experience would find more than ample opportunities during these 4 hours.

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