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Hello from Mosaic Machiya! We are a traditional Guesthouse/Cafe/Bar in the oldest geisha district of Japan, Kamishichiken.

We are uniquely situated to bring our guests and deep into the traditional Geisha (Geiko in Kyoto) world by organizing exclusive dinners and events directly with the Ochaya (tea houses), who are our neighbours.

Our mission is to educated and organize authentic cultural events for visitors with passion for Japanese traditional culture. We know our guests will go home feeling like VIPs and take home a life-changing experience.

Our philosophy is HELP:
Hospitality - Providing the best quality stay for our guests
Exchange - Allowing our guests to actively absorb and share their cultures
Learning - To encourage learning for all ages, genders and backgrounds
Preservation - To keep old traditions alive and share them with the world

Mosaic does this by brining together people of different shapes and colours. Our team of 25 staff are all 'international locals' or long-term foreign residents with a wide range of expertise and language competency.

Our guesthouse is a beacon and community centre for our neighbourhood and we are happy to help you feel like part of the community!

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