sakana chan

sakana chan

  • 日本語 (Fluent)
  • English (Beginner)
  • Tiếng Việt (Beginner)

I have been working to spread the subculture of Japan to Vietnam.I opened a maid cafe for the first time in Vietnam.Vietnamese girls are so cute! Love it.
Then, the delicious Vietnamese food,
I have to stay for two years now ! :)

In addition, as a fashion designer of free,
Fashion shows and has been held,
and music events anime song DJ.

I love the local cuisine of Vietnam.
I dine at the shop on the street like this not only local people. My favorite food is Hobiron ★
【Hobiron is a duck egg prior to hatching.】

I also Southeast Asia, such as Bangkok in Thailand and Cambodia to travel and well liked. I was even a trip in Ho Chi Minh City from Hanoi by bus.

★Anime Manga Event★
Enjoy cosplay*^^*and Vietnamese Cute Girls*
Enjoy Art ,Music,Fashion*and Drink*
★DJ music Event★
The main genre, idol, anime, song propagation,
Chiptune, dubstep, techno, electro*
All Japanese Music*
Enjoy Musis and Japanese Culture*

I have hope that you will like Vietnam(*´艸`*)
*Very very Nice to meet you*

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