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Hi, this is Yuki from Hiroshima. My mother Hiroko and I are your hosts.

Would you like to have more than just "experience"?
We like to offer more than just "teaching"!

Our 4 points that may interest you:

1. Both of us have many experiences as host mothers! We love making friends with people from any cultures!

2. We accept up to 4 guests in one session (up to 3 depending on the program) and set long enough duration time so that we can have enough interaction.

3. Hiroko is a 1st degree instructor of Tea Ceremony and has her own class for local students. Yuki is a 2nd degree instructor. We can also offer kimono on your request.

4. Yuki has completed okonomiyaki cooking training course at one of the most popular okonomiyaki sauce company, Otafuku (training for those who're opening their own okonomiyaki restaurants )

I can arrange recipes for vegetarian, or other needs (contact me in advance)

Let's communicate through experiencing authentic Japanese culture!

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4 Organized Activities

9 Reviews for Yuki


    Private Tea Ceremony in Kimono & Cooking Class, Hiroshima

    Private Tea Ceremony in Kimono & Cooking Class, Hiroshima I was very impressed by Yuki and her mother that teach and demonstrate the Japanese culture very well. I was able to ask any questions arose during the class. Both Yuki and her mother are very friendly, and tried to make me understanding the Tea Ceremony, as well as Japanese culture deeply. In addition, it was very convenient to communicate with organiser and Yuki after applying the class. The station and place of the class was very close, Yuki was waiting to take to the class with very classic style of Kimono she wore.

  • Sofia Sofia

    Have a Private tea ceremony in Kimono, Hiroshima

    Have a Private tea ceremony in Kimono, Hiroshima I truly loved my tea ceremony with Yuki and her mom. I felt so at ease in their presence and it was really interesting and exciting to learn about such deep-rooted traditions and more in general about Japanese culture.

    Communication was really easy, and Yuki answered all of my (many!) questions. After the lovely process of putting on the Kimono, learning about the tea-ceremonies in Japan, and actually experiencing the tea ceremony I could choose between calligraphy and something else for a second activity - I forgot what it was, but both sounded super interesting. As you can probably tell, I chose calligraphy: I could choose a word of my choice and was taught how to write that and my name. I would recommend this to anybody visiting Japan!!

  • Patrick Patrick

    Private Tea Ceremony in Kimono & Cooking Class, Hiroshima

    Private Tea Ceremony in Kimono & Cooking Class, Hiroshima We really enjoyed the entire experience with Yuki and her mother. Such lovely people and great at communicating how and why they do things a certain way. Easy to get to from the train station- highly recommend!

  • Mitchell Mitchell

    Private Tea Ceremony in Kimono & Cooking Class, Hiroshima

    Private Tea Ceremony in Kimono & Cooking Class, Hiroshima Fantastic authentic experience with lovely hosts.

  • Alexandra Alexandra

    Private Tea Ceremony in Kimono & Cooking Class, Hiroshima

    Private Tea Ceremony in Kimono & Cooking Class, Hiroshima When we were planning our Japan trip, we knew we wanted to include okonomiyaki from Hiroshima. We'd heard about how the prefecture has over 2000 establishments dedicated to this amazing dish. And now we could learn how to make it!

    Yuki is a wonderful host, and it was a honor to spend the day with her, her mother, and her mother's student assistant. The class description really undersells how great this whole day will be for you. Experiencing a full tea ceremony alone would be worth the trip, but this is a full day of learning. After Yuki met us at the station and we chatted, we learned all about formal dress and the etiquette of being a tea ceremony guest. We learned so much! And the kimono selection for women, wow, it was hard to choose which one to wear. My partner got dressed quickly, but Hiroko (Yuki's mother) spent a very long time tucking and setting every layer of kimono. I felt (and feel) beyond lucky to have had her guidance.

    Hiroko and Yuki are also masters of the tea ceremony and the place where the class is held is a beautiful tea room. It was the best matcha we've ever had, and our first taste of wagashi. Taking this class before we went to Kyoto helped me understand a lot of what we saw later in the trip.

    After tea, you can get cleaned up and make okonomiyaki! We also made miso soup and a side dish. This part is very fun and you will laugh a LOT. Yuki has many good secrets and ideas - and with her smart lesson we were both able to make successful lunch! It's a giant meal, but you'll leave so full and happy.

    Afterwards, she even took us into town to show us local foods and some holiday traditions. If you want to break away from generic group tours and get to know a wonderful family in a wonderful town, go to Hiroshima! Book this class.

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