Samurai Kembu

Samurai Kembu

  • English (Intermediate)
  • 日本語 (Fluent)

Kembu (sword performance), one of many Japanese traditional arts, demonstrates the culture of the samurai, a warrior class that ruled Japan for 700 years. Kembu masters who work to keep the spirit of samurai culture alive perform this 1-hour stage show at Samurai Kembu Theater. Satisfy your intellectual curiosity with in-depth talks, and enjoy both traditional and new-style Kembu performances based on historical tales from the feudal period.
Learn about the etiquette of samurai classes in feudal Japan and practice some basic Kembu, including how to use the Japanese sword. You can choose a 1-hour session for an introduction to the basics, or upgrade for a 2-hour session to learn choreographed movements with a sword and folding fan. Top off your experience of this traditional Japanese art with a photo session in costume, and take home a certificate of achievement.

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