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We aim to show you mysterious and hidden aspects of the city; things that you won't find in any guide book. All tours are original and researched by a Japan expert and certified paranormal investigator who has documented almost 1,000 haunted locations in Tokyo! Our material is based on authentic history and traditional legend. Come find out why Tokyo is the most haunted city in the world!

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9 Reviews for Lilly

  • Marie-laure Marie-laure

    Go on a Tour of Haunted Places in Tokyo

    Go on a Tour of Haunted Places in Tokyo This tour was very nice, I liked it a lot. Lyly our Guide was really good and well documented.
    '' blood of samurai" tour was really interesting ! Thank you !

    C'est une visite que j'ai grandement aprécié. Notre guide était vraiment très interessante et investie dans ce qu'elle fesait.
    Petite remarque pour les francophone, bien que ce soit marqué français intermediaire sur le site , il n'est pas possible d'avoir une visite en français. Seulement en anglais.
    Bonne visite !!!!

  • Luz Luz

  • Igor Igor

    Go on a Tour of Haunted Places in Tokyo

    Go on a Tour of Haunted Places in Tokyo This was a very interesting tour which involved a fair bit of Japanese history. The host had a very good knowledge of Japanese culture and history. Definitely would recommend to my friends.

  • Kain Kain

    Go on a Tour of Haunted Places in Tokyo

    Go on a Tour of Haunted Places in Tokyo I went on the "Blood of the Samurai" tour, and it was wonderful. If you are interested in the (real) history of the 47 Ronin, I can't recommend it enough. Luckily for me (and unfortunate for the others), the other guests got lost and could not make it to the meeting point, and so the tour ended up being one on one (which was incredible, and absolutely nothing to complain about!). Therefore, I recommend that you give yourself plenty of time to make to the meeting point. Lilly does give very good directions (including station exits) and will wait a little bit, but Tokyo's trains can be quite overwhelming for the inexperienced - so make sure you know where you are going, because this is one tour you don't want to miss out on!

    Lilly is a fantastic tour guide - she knows the area incredibly well, and all the research that she has done into the spiritual and otherworldly will become readily apparent as she tells you the stories of the area. Many of these stories she has gathered from locals, and cannot be heard anywhere else (especially in English!). She answered all of my numerous questions easily, and was also prepared with art and historical maps of some of the tour points which allowed you to step back in time and really soak up the history and culture of the places we visited.

    Out of all the tours I've done while travelling, this was certainly the best. Lilly is not only an expert in her field, but also incredibly passionate - and though I was worried about the length of the tour, I soon found that I could have easily done a full day tour with Lilly and still gone home wanting to know more. I've no doubt that I'll be booking another tour next time I'm in Tokyo. Seriously, if you are going to do any tour in Tokyo, do one of Lilly's - you'll learn so much, and the 'off the beaten track' aspect makes these stories and experiences wondeful to share with your friends and family back home!

    Note: comfortable shoes are recommended since there are some stairs. However, if you are worried about the walk being too long or taxing, you don't need to be - Lilly sets an easy pace, and we even stopped in at a convenience store for a brief respite about halfway through!

  • Piet Piet

    Go on a Tour of Haunted Places in Tokyo

    Go on a Tour of Haunted Places in Tokyo Lilly is a great host that will show you many interesting corners of Tokyo that foreigners rarely get to see. Her tours are entertaining and filled with interesting tidbits that you won't find in a tourist guide. The tour I participated in was "Demons of the Red Light District". Next time I'm in Tokyo joining another haunted tour will be the first thing I do!

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