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Hi, I am Chisato, a tour coordinator and a government licensed English guide (License number: EN00295).

After 10 years experience in the field of rural development in Japan, I took a 2 years master course of Agroecology in the university of the Netherlands. Now, I am working for community-based experiential tourism development in rural villages in Japan.

I can organize a trip with very unique experiences for you in the off-the-beaten rural villages, especially in Kyoto and Nara. Please let me know should you have any unique requests, and I would be very happy to assist your trip schedule in Japan.

Example of special interest theme:
- tea tour (harvesting and processing tea, tea house, matcha poder making, tea museum in Kyoto)
- traditional handicrafts (visit workshops, pottery making experience, kiln in hidden valley)
- culinary experience (food processing workshop such as tofu, soba, yuba, somen noodle, traditional knowledge of food preservation)
- fermented food products (learning how to make sake, shoyu, miso, amazake, pickle, nattou, umeboshi by yourself)
- plant and ethno-ecology (sansai wild plant harvesting and cooking)
- learning rural livelihood (charcoal making, weaving trees, paper making from mulberry plant, silk worm, visit to temple of plant medicine)
- temple stay (meditation, shojin ryori at mount koya)

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