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Hello. This is Tokyo Kimono Kids Photo Studio 753.

Our studio is located in a quiet residential area of 30 minutes from Tokyo Station by train, 10 minutes from Shinjuku Station by train, 5 mites from Shibuya Station by train, and 15 minutes from Sangen-jyaya Station by walking. We are a photo studio exclusively for children in a solitary house.

I would like to invite foreigners to experience Japanese unique culture "Shichigosan / 753" that both children and parents will be pleased.

【【【What is 七五三"Shichigosan / 753"】】】

"Shichigosan / 753" is an event that is based on Japanese original culture to wish a happiness and growing of children.

The origin of "Shichigosan / 753" is said to be about 700 years ago. At that time, infant mortality was high, so they made family register, referred to in the current, 3 to 4 years after a baby's birth.

Therefore, the celebration of "Shichigosan / 753" has a meaning to thank that a child has been grown up safely and to with the future and longevity of the child at the milestone of growing from an infant to a boy and a girl.

7 years old: Girls begin to wear "Kimono" for women.
5 years old: Boys wear "Hakama," which is a clothes for men.
3 years old: Both boys and girls begin to extend the hair.

In 3-year-old, a child begins to understand words. In 5-year-old, a child gains knowledge. And in 7-year-old, baby teeth are replaced. At every development stage, children can get ill. Those period is accompanied with various dangers. So we pray to God for children's healthy growth.

Speaking contemporary, it is more an event, where parents express their affection for their children.

In Japan, even today, parents, who have children of 7-year-old, 5-year-old, and 3-year-old around, always dress their children in Kimono, visit shrines, and take commemorative photographs.

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