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I am Tyas, passionate about Japanese tea and tea culture. As a fully accredited tea-ceremony instructor and qualified Japanese tea instructor, I am active as a tea-sommelier in Kyoto and Osaka where I host tea-related workshops, tea tastings and tea-discovery trips.
Through our tea-ceremony workshop in Kyoto, hosted at a traditionally styled tea-house in Kyoto's best renown Geisha district Miyagawa-suji, near Gion, I and my assistants aim to introduce foreign travellers to an authentic tea-ceremony experience. Doing so, we present our guests with the highest form of Japanese matcha tea, called thick-tea, thoughtfully prepared following the ritual procedures that tea-ceremony prescribes in order to express greatest care for our visitors. Our guiding explanations are given in comprehensible English, and are based on the knowledge we have gathered directly from the grand master of our school, and on our own understanding forged throughout the years and years of repetitive practice.

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