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Interested in nature, Japan's traditional Shinto & Buddhism, good food, trekking in the forest, and great view of mountains? Well, Nagano has it all!
If you come to Nagano and would like to enjoy rural Japan, I may be able to offer what you are looking for.
I am Miyuki and I was born in Nagano, went to school in the U.S., worked in Tokyo for many years and am back in my hometown as I love rural areas of Japan.
I visited more than 20 countries (including business trips ;), and I love to travel abroad! My travel history includes Angkor Wat, dolphin swim at the Big Island of Hawaii, Go-round trip in Ireland, & 35 day pilgrimage on Camino de Santiago.
I had such brilliant experiences at all the countries I visited, and I am hoping that visitors to Japan would feel the same. So, I decided to offer an experience at the places I like in Nagano.
I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

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