Shirayuki Mimi

Shirayuki Mimi

  • 日本語 (Fluent)
  • English (Intermediate)

Would you like to get more connected with Japanese pop culture? I study "Lolita Fashion" at my university. Lolita fashion is something that allows me to express myself fully. But I'm still an ordinary girl, even though I wear this kind of clothes - I like taking walks around town and taking pictures amongst nature with my friends. So let me introduce you to the world of Lolita and Japanese pop culture through this activity. Let’s have tea and talk about lolita with my lolita friends! I was given the Shimotsuma City’s Mayor Prize at "the Contest of Finding the Second Momoko Ryugasaki" in 2011 so I know the culture from the inside out.

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2 Reviews for Shirayuki Mimi

  • Koichi Koichi

    Go Shopping with Japanese Lolitas!

    Go Shopping with Japanese Lolitas! Definitely learned a lot about a culture we didn't know about! It was fun to go around and see the things they look for and see, which is way different from what our perspective was. A+++

  • Stephanie Stephanie

    Find Out What Lolitas Do on Their Day Off!

    Find Out What Lolitas Do on Their Day Off! Very interesting to learn about the Lolita culture. Mimi chan and Shin chan were very friendly and answered all of our questions. English speaking Lolita chan's is definitely important as all the guests will be English-speaking.

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