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Hi! I'm like Curious George person. It means, I'm interested in everything in Tokyo! Especially, I love the subcultural phenomenon around Tokyo and their related place such as Shinjyuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Yanesen area, and Shimokitazawa. Do you have a place where you want to go but don't know how to get there? Do you hesitate to go to the Maid Cafe alone? Do you want to get rock-solid music shower or club cruising? Do you just hanging around and munch some local gourmet or pass through the gate of a sophisticated Tokyo gastronomy? Leave it to me! I will offer them to you (^_^)/

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  • Terrance Terrance

    A Deep Akihabara Tour

    A Deep Akihabara Tour I was very excited to visit Akihabara for the first time but also very nervous. Electric Town is cluttered with shops and stands and of course people. Gamme gave me a brief history of the area before showing me around the different main building and explaining how a lot of it worked. I would have been very confused and overwhelmed without her help and she made the experience very fun!

  • Oliver Oliver

    A Deep Akihabara Tour

    A Deep Akihabara Tour I'd been to Akihabara several times on a previous Japan trip so I wasn't sure at first about getting a guide this time around. Unlike last time I was solo on this trip because I was on my way to another destination so I ultimately decided to set up a time with Gamme. I'm so glad I did because she showed me interesting parts of Akiba I wouldn't have explored on my own like the remaining segments of the old Electric Town and many of the sidestreets along Chuo Dori. Gamme was unhurried and very helpful throughout. Thanks to her tips I was able to score some great finds when I went back to Akiba just before I left Japan. I would definitely recommend Gamme to anyone looking for a great tour guide!

  • Jessica Jessica

    A Deep Akihabara Tour

    A Deep Akihabara Tour Me and my grandma had the best time with Gamme! :) She was such an easy person to get along with, and she made our experience in Akihabara one to remember! Thanks again for everything Gamme!!

  • Mark Mark

    A Deep Akihabara Tour

    A Deep Akihabara Tour Gamme does her best to tailor the guide based on your interests.

    Even if ur not a big anime fan, like myself, she'll take you places of interest (Figurine shops, cosplay shops, Electronic shops, gaming arcades, cafes, etc.)

    Her guide was very informative and she is very attentive. She stayed on our tour 30min more than she needed to. Definitely recommend!

    Thanks Gamme ^_^

  • Jason Jason

    A Deep Akihabara Tour

    A Deep Akihabara Tour My girlfriend and I were quite overwhelmed when we first entered Akihabara, as there were so many places to explore, very few of which were clearly labeled. Fortunately, Gamme was there to help us! She took us to many places where rare figurines, retro video games, and other interesting collectibles were located, as well as a maid cafe (where we had fun, though the food could have been better).

    Overall, I would highly recommend this tour, especially to newcomers to Japan, as Akihabara can be quite overwhelming if you cannot read Japanese.

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