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Show.Case – Sense Harajuku Omotesando by Walking Come And See – is a group of tour guides who are all architecture lovers with the National Guide license. We are well-versed in the characteristics of distinctive-looking commercial buildings by architects dotted around Tokyo, and can give you a better understanding of the city and its architecture along with the historical background.

We provide you with an architecture tour which is easy to understand and enjoyable even for a non-professional, giving you a glimpse into Japanese life from a local point of view along with the historical and cultural explanations.

On top of the knowledge, our focus is to develop a friendly, person-to-person relationship with our guests. We look forward to talking with you not only about the architecture but anything that will enhance your experience in Japan.

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  • Matt Matt

    Ginza Nakagin Capsule Tower Tour

    Ginza Nakagin Capsule Tower Tour Great to learn about the history of this fascinating piece of architecture.

  • Giulio Giulio

    Ginza Nakagin Capsule Tower Tour

    Ginza Nakagin Capsule Tower Tour Architectural landmark, professional tour. A bit expensive perhaps, but worth visiting.

  • Meijie Meijie

    Ginza Nakagin Capsule Tower Tour

    Ginza Nakagin Capsule Tower Tour it was an amazing trip in gereral. Ive heard of the biulding long time ago and always wanted to come and see. The building is not open to the public usually and this trip seems like the only way to get in to the building. I met a group of people with different cultural background but out of the same interest in the building and our guide Yuka was very nice and knowledgeable. It would be even better if we can visit a few more rooms!

  • Agnes Agnes

    Ginza Nakagin Capsule Tower Tour

    Ginza Nakagin Capsule Tower Tour Amazing to see the capsule tower from the inside. I'm so happy that I found this tour. One of the best thing I did on my trip.

  • Mitchell Mitchell

    Join a Harajuku and Omotesando Architecture Tour

    Join a Harajuku and Omotesando Architecture Tour I had the pleasure of doing the Tokyo Architecture Walking Tour by Showcase with Yuki Deleon and her very capable assistant Yoshie. First and foremost, I really appreciated how Yuki customized the tour while we were on it and was completely willing to stop and look at something that seemed interesting and take detours if I wanted. Yuki even came up with a fantastic lunch location I would not have seen in a thousand years without them. We saw the expected Meiji Shrine, but it was the architectural and neighborhood details that made the tour so excellent, which I will list:
    The Yoyogi National Gymnasium (by Kenzo Tange)
    The Corp Olympia condos (the first million-dollar condos in Japan)
    Soft Bank office (I actually played with Pepper the robot)
    Tokyu Plaza (Kaleidoscope entrance, by Hiroshi Nakamura)
    The Iceberg Building (reportedly one of the seven wonders of architectures, by Benjamin Warner)
    Cat Street (formerly a river)
    The Gyre Building (swirling building, looks like NORI seaweed, by MVRDV)
    The Dior Building (acrylic drapery, by SANNA)
    The Japanese Nursing Association Building (crystal corn, by Kisho Kurokawa)
    A giant brass "Hershey's Kiss" protruding out of a ceiling in an alley, reportedly stretching downward all the way to Brazil, by architect/mathematician Hiroshi Sugimoto
    A quick stop for my daughter and granddaughter to Kiddy Land, one of the best toy stores in Tokyo (and of course loaded with Hello Kitty items) - NOT part of the official tour but Yuki said, "Sure, let's go in and take a look if you want."
    Omotesando Hills Building (silky concrete, by Tadao Ando)
    TOD'S (L-shaped building with the patterns of elm trees, by Toyo Ito)
    The Hugo Boss bulding (next to TOD'S, by Norihiko Dan)
    The PRADA headquarters (amazing diamond shape glass panels with a seismic system, by Herzog & Muron)
    Sunny Hills Building (Ate and then bought Oishii pineapple cakes from Taiwan, in an amazing wood structure, by Kengo Kuma who designed the main stadium for Tokyo 2020)

    Finally, be advised that if you are an English speaker you will be happy to know that Yuki lived in Minnesota for a long time and speaks completely fluent English, which of course made things easier. Can you tell I had a nice time? Highly recommended.

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