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We are Aoyama Gaukuin students majoring in international politics and economics taking Professor Iwai’s seminars/classes. As part of the seminars, we’re trying to arrange youth pop culture related activities for international students and tourists. We plan to host activities such as “Takoyaki” parties, or shopping in the afternoon, or go to bars that have “all-you-can drink” courses, Karoke, and Purikura (instant photo machines). Our goal is to have foreigner tourists love Japan even more by connecting these people to Japanese students.

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  • Adam Adam

    Let's Enjoy Cosplay and Karaoke Together!

    Let's Enjoy Cosplay and Karaoke Together! We got off to a little late start, but after meeting my guide Sakura & her friend was extra fun! They had so much spunk and energy. The high energy made sure none of that fun went away. :) It felt like I was with my closest friends. The Karaoke place had a drink fountain with a choice of drinks to wet my whistle after singing. There had been a few outfits to wear, but nothing that would fit me. Also the room was filled with noise making instruments to keep things upbeat while we sang. Never a dull moment with these girls though. haha.

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