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Hi everyone!

Do you know "Kyabakura"?
It is a bar lounge where you get to drink with cute girls who provide high level hospitality.
Kyabakura is unique Japanese night entertainment culture.

We offer a Kyabakura experience program in Tokyo.
There is a plan where an interpreter will accompany you, so there is nothing to worry even if you do not speak Japanese.

This is definitely another side of Japan!

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  • Christopher Christopher

    Experience a Kyabakura Lingerie Pub Night in Shibuya

    Experience a Kyabakura Lingerie Pub Night in Shibuya This was an absolutely wonderful experience. The girls were extremely beautiful, friendly, and delightful to talk to. Taka was an impeccable translator and guide, as well as being someone that is genuinely fun to hang out with. The alcohol flowed freely. 10/10 would go again. Highly recommended. Don't miss it unless you hate a good time.

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