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Hi. This is Hiro, a Bizenyaki evangelist. Born in Okayama, Japan in 1985. Moved to Tokyo after graduating university. After 5-years of career as a company employee, I quit for pursuing my ultimate life goal. I started to be attracted by Bizenyaki, which is one of traditional crafts of my hometown, Okayama, and I'm promoting it in Tokyo. I hope to change the typical image of Bizen as too high class and difficult to obtain. As an evangelist, not a potter, I try to let people feel Bizenyaki focusing mainly on the young generations. I watch for opportunities to sally forth into the world with Bizenyaki. In 2014, I joined an exhibition held in Tianjin, named "Tianjin International Design Week", by request from Masayuki Kurokawa, a well-known architect and product designer. One of my dreams is to let people understand that in Japan there is also Bizenyaki, not just lacquer ware. I hold workshops for people to enjoy Bizenyaki's warm and peaceful atmosphere. And I also hope I will encounter many new people through my workshops.

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