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From Life Style Retreats, Mind Body Surf & SUP Getaways, Real Life Stays to Pop Up Yoga, Fitness and therapeutic wellness for you and your travelling journey, we have you covered.

Through our experiences and global services we conceptualise "Healthy Tourism" and a "Global Tasteful Traveller". Healthy tourism influences greater awareness of global issues and aids to alleviate a poverty stricken areas. Poverty being defined as “the state of being extremely poor” our definition conceptualises this within the self, life and lifestyle of the people and surroundings, not simply the economics and conditions of living.

We are enabling a humanitarian movement forward for the foundations of travel that mirrors a heartfelt purpose without loosing the essence of explorations and adventure.

We have chosen destinations that symbolise unique themes to initiate a “Healthy & Tasteful Traveller” across the globe that will globally transcend a positive difference, whilst you enjoy, grow and experience. We achieve this by giving back to the culture that we are immersed in through researching the imbalances and recognising the needs to improve the lives, lifestyle and living conditions within the region. Each Project initiative attached to our charismatic travel and wellness experiences will be clearly presented for each.

Our Mission is to H.E.L.P


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