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Hi, this is David, a 'made in Hong Kong' local with cross cultural experience having lived in Canada, Denmark, Shanghai, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. I was born in an era when HK started to boom, transforming from a sleepy fishing village to industrial powerhouse during the 60s-70s. Having lived through the riots of the 60s, our 1st stock market crash in late 70s, then the hangover negotiation in 80s, you could say that I'm practically a walking history of the city!

As an experienced hiking host (organising hiking events on regular basis), I am also a marathon runner, scuba diver, licensed travel escort, bar hopper, local food expert, sommelier, photographer, devoted home chef , home brewer and explorer. Whatever your area of interest - nature, culture, religion, people, food and/or shopping, I am there to make your experiences unique!

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3 Reviews for David

  • charlie charlie

    See the Best of Hong Kong in One Day with a Local

    See the Best of Hong Kong in One Day with a Local David is a very nice and informative guide and he offered to take pics too which was considerate of him. Hong Kong is really humid hot and it is lots of walking, so if you are in great shape and down for this then David definitely is too and will walk all over this city with you! I would also say give him some insight and direction as to what you want to see and your interests to utilize your time with him. The dim sum breakfast was delicious but I'd say skip the seafood for lunch, it was only ok. Thanks for spending the day with us! Cheers!

  • William William

    See the Best of Hong Kong in One Day with a Local

    See the Best of Hong Kong in One Day with a Local We spent a day with David. He did a great job telling us about Hong Kong's culture and history. We chose to have him take us to the Ping Shan Heritage Trail and then to Victoria Peak at sunset. Spending the day with David was like having a close friend take you on a tour. If you want a great guide to show you around Hong Kong give David a call!

  • eli eli

    See the Best of Hong Kong in One Day with a Local

    See the Best of Hong Kong in One Day with a Local David was a terrific guide in every aspect. If you can get him, I highly recommend him. He knows the city inside and out. Not only did he show us around for the 2 days we were with him, he sent me a detailed itinerary for the days we would not be with him, including recommendations for tailors and restaurants. He took us to countless great restaurants and local places that had very tasty eats. He described everything around us all over and gave us context for what we were seeing. He was not overbearing or showboating. It felt like we were visiting a close friend in a new city. He is a kind, insightful person. He brought an extra walking stick for our hike. He brought extra gloves, napkins, and even a spare dslr camera. He knew when it was best to take the subway or taxi. He took us to places only someone who has lived in the city for many years would know of. He accommodated my small bladder by finding restrooms everywhere we went. I'm sure I'm leaving out some stuff. I have only great things to say about David. And for the cherry on top- I asked him where I could buy a mahjong set for my grandma and he insisted I take one of his wife's (with her permission) spare sets! David is the best. If you want to make your trip to Hong Kong unforgettable talk to David, I'm sure glad I did.

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