See the Sunrise from a Hot Air Balloon just outside Tokyo!

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How about flying with us in a hot air balloon during the beautiful sunrise? Float elegantly through the sky while watching the amazing rural landscape of rice fields below. This is a wonderful memory and a surprise for your beloved ones!

Points importants

  • From the preparation, touch the equipment of hot air balloon which can not be readily, and carefully explain the mechanism.
  • If conditions are good, you can take a commemorative photo in a balloon.
  • Hot air balloon journey floating in the sky integrated with the wind. The view of the world spreads to the size of the sky. It is a unique feeling that can not be tasted with other vehicles.
  • Another world above the sea of clouds. When the weather condition is complete, you can see a dreamlike scene.
  • Let's enjoy the balloon even more with options such as champagne and shooting.
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