Join a Shinkage-ryu Bujutsu Martial Art Workshop, Tokyo

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In this Shinkage-ryu workshop in Tokyo, you can learn what “The Sword of Yagyu” and "The Sword of Tokugawa Shogun" is, and experience and recognize the fundamental quality of Bujutsu martial arts.

Points importants

  • What is Bujutsu? You will try to experience the “Body Wisdom” by using the “Body Art”.
  • What is Katsujin-ken (the sword for living)? The sword for Yagyu-Shinkage-ryu is not for killing but for persuasion and sympathy.
  • What is Nitou (Two Swords) and Ittou (One Sword) as regarded by Miyamoto Musashi?
  • What is “Muto” (No sword), Yagyu’s secret?
  • The reality of Batto-Jutsu (how to draw a sword). Is Shikage-ryu totally different from other schools’ Iai technique? Wedraw a sword without raising and swinging the arms.
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