A Halfday Private Car Tour Experiencing Traditions in Kyoto!

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AccueilActivités à faire à Kyoto

You will visit breweries in Kyoto that have been operating for many centuries. You will also witness Japanese traditional activities in this tour. Get a sake drinking cup and some Japanese sake while you eat Yuba (Tofu skin) dishes for lunch.

Points importants

  • Unrakugama: You will pay a visit to a house of pottery, which produces ceramics unlike any other in the world. Take home a “Gui-nomi”, a ceramic sake cup for drinking Japanese sake, and “Tokuri”, a ceramic Japanese sake bottle as a gift from us.
  • Matsuishuzo: Visit a Japanese Sake brewery that opened in 1726. Take home Japanese sake as a gift from us (one Japanese sake bottle per person)
  • Seike: Enjoy traditional Yuba (Tofu-skin) dishes at Seike. Take your “Gui-nomi”, “Tokuri”, and Japanese sake with you to Seike.
  • Explore Kyoto city freely
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