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Reviews for 泰國十大必玩景點

  • Kirk Kirk

    18% OFF Flying Hanuman Phuket - The #1 Zipline Phuket

    18% OFF Flying Hanuman Phuket - The #1 Zipline Phuket Wow, I had a blast the staff were always there to insure our safety and also added lots of laughs to settle any nervous tension. Very professional!
    Transportation was organised and on time, hassle free experience.


  • Pradeep Pradeep

  • Baris Baris

    The Bridge on the River Kwai & JEATH War Museum - 1 Day Tour

    The Bridge on the River Kwai & JEATH War Museum - 1 Day Tour There is no other easy way you can go Kwai, visit museum and also take the ride of death railway by yourself on a single day. However, this place is worth staying overnight. So, considering that this is not the best option in general.
    The problem I gave 1 star is the service I had been delivered by the team. First, there were only me and one couple in the tour. The couple asked driver to take them 1 hour later and I had not been notified about this, so I waited that couple 1 hour at their hotel lobby!
    There are two War museums one being close to Kwai Bridge. The driver didn't inform us about this, so we couldn't see there. The old train is in that location. Third, he told us it would be better pay 200 THB more in order to not stand during train journey. Unfortunately, that was a big lie. The place they take you for dinner is really bad and they treat you real bad. Lastly, considering we are three, we were expecting little flexibility such as taking to Hell-fire Pass, unfortunately it did not happen.

  • Baris Baris

    Bangkok to Ayutthaya Historical Park Full Day Tour + Cruise

    Bangkok to Ayutthaya Historical Park Full Day Tour + Cruise This tour is the not best option for experiencing three of things individually; but considering you first visit summer palace and then visit three temples in Ayutthaya (most important ones) and then enjoy a cruise to Bangkok with buffet dinner (not only Thai food), it makes this tour as the most appropriate option.. However, if you are only looking to discover Ayutthaya, you should go there with train by yourself. It will cost you more (you may have to rent a bike and pay entrance fees for each temple seperately), but you will be more flexible..

  • Baris Baris

    40% OFF Phi Phi Island Tour by Speed Boat: Visit Maya Bay

    40% OFF Phi Phi Island Tour by Speed Boat: Visit Maya Bay Everything was perfect until they try to cheat us... They say they will take you to monkey beach, but instead of going there; they show a stupid area of the island as a monkey beach.. If you don't make any research, they would probably take you only to Maya Bay and Phi Phi islands.. Always have a map and know where you have to go, otherwise they will show you wrong places as different places...



From jungles in the north to crystal blue waters in the south to some of the best tasting food to the ancient temples to Bangkok’s vibrant business hub, Thailand has something for everyone. To the North, there’s the Chiang Rai, part of the Golden Triangle where Loas, Myanmar, and Thailand intersect, as well as the lush green Chiang Mai with its historic temples and elephant sanctuaries. To the East, we find Issan, where you can get lost in the gorgeous Thai countryside and explore Khmer ruins. Central Thailand consists of some of the most historic regions from the Bridge over the River Kwai at Kanchanaburi to Nakhon Pathom - Thailand’s oldest city and the site of the world’s tallest stupa, as well as many floating and weekend markets. In it’s center is Bangkok - a cosmopolitan city full of magnificent temples, waterways, outdoor markets, and some of the most (in)famous nightlife. The south has everything for the beachgoer with some of the world’s most famous beach spots from the natural beauty of Krabi to the kayaking and snorkeling paradise of Ko Samui to the diving haven of Ko Tao to the tourist mecca of Phuket. It’s exotic, it’s cheap, but most of all, Thailand is truly amazing.