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Reviews for Top 10 Things to Do in Japan

  • Irene Irene

    Watch a Morning Sumo Training in Tokyo at a Sumo Stable

    Watch a Morning Sumo Training in Tokyo at a Sumo Stable Our tour guide, Kiyo, met us and gave us some background on what the training would be like and how to respectfully watch the sumo wrestlers. It was quite an experience to watch them train and do head to head drills. After a few hours of their training, we were able to take a group picture with some of our favorite wrestlers. Very cool! Highly recommend! Thanks to Kiyo for walking us into the stable and answering the questions we had!

  • Skyler Skyler

    Join hidden Izakaya&Sake Pub Crawl Tour in Tokyo

    Join hidden Izakaya&Sake Pub Crawl Tour in Tokyo Shuri-San was a excellent guide! The three of us speak very little Japanese. However, this was the only language allowed at some the Izakaya of Okachimachi station, so he interpreted expertly for us. The izakaya were packed with people and it was super fun to hang out with the locals. Shuri-san took us to a very old standing bar in the area, a takoyaki stand facing the street and one of the original sake shops in the area. He is also a very fun guy to hang out with. We talked about baseball, anime, and much more. We tried some local beers, bottles of hoppy (a hop infused drink you add to shochu) and a flight of the local and seasonal sake. The night flew by and before we knew it our great time was over. Since no pictures were allowed in most places Shuri-san was kind enough to bring his camera and take pictures for us outside. If you want to try local food and drink in Tokyo, have Shuri-san show you. You won't be disappointed!

  • Alyona Alyona

    Buy a ticket to your favorite music concert in Japan!

    Buy a ticket to your favorite music concert in Japan! I've been trying to get a concert ticket (pianozombie at KashiwaPalooza on 1/29/17) through regular Japanese online ticketing services but they don't accept foreign credit cards... Voyajin made attending my dream live gig not only possible, but also surprisingly affordable. They didn't have the event listed yet but added it as soon as I sent the inquiry and got me a ticket! Communication prompt and corteous, ticket delivered speedily to the hotel before I even arrived in Japan. I only wish I discovered this awesome service sooner! Satisfied, grateful and most definitely will use again and again as well as recommend to my friends. Thumbs up, five stars, さすが!

  • Dudley Dudley

    Enjoy Shinjuku Kabuki-cho, Golden-gai Night Tour

    Enjoy Shinjuku Kabuki-cho, Golden-gai Night Tour We enjoyed our tour and found it interesting and informative. Will definitely recommend to friends.

  • Aaron Aaron

    Tsukiji Tuna Auction Tour with a Guide during the night

    Tsukiji Tuna Auction Tour with a Guide during the night Our friendly guides, Yukio and Kiyo were very knowledgable about the history and the operations of tsukiji market. They answered all of our questions and gave us some quite astounding facts about what goes on here. It would have been a very different experience without them as not many at the fish market speak english.

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The Land of the Rising Sun is a whirlwind of contradictions from high tech gadgets to ancient temples, from the towering skyscrapers of Tokyo to the sprawling homes and farms in the countryside, from the spirit religion of Shintoism to the beliefs and traditions of Buddhism. To the North, there is the blistering cold region of Hokkaido and plains of Tohoku, know for their powdery snow, ski resorts, seafood, and hot springs. Just below that, one finds the major cosmopolitan cities of Tokyo and Yokohama, full of neon signs, modern marvels like Sky Tree, and weird neighborhoods like Akihabara. To its West, lies Japan’s center of history culture in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Hiroshima. Once home to the ancient Japanese capital, it is also a burgeoning commercial region and Hiroshima constitutes a great deal of recent Japanese history. Southernmost lie Kyushu - the birthplace of Japanese civilization, Shikoku a destination for Buddhists and nature lovers alike, and Okinawa - the beach resort mecca with its own distinct Ryukyuan culture. Small, yet vast, Japan is anything but boring; it’s fascinating and has a lot to offer. As they say in Japan, Yokoso!