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  • Taste some cup of Sake or taste Japaense beer or wine
  • View and eat at Japanese local BBQ street
  • Take a photo with a Godzila statue

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  • 日本語 (Fluent)
  • English (Intermediate)

Hi, I'm Makoto. Just call me Mac or whatever you would like to call. I've been in Singapore for 2 years, in Vietnam for 6 months and in Philippine for 1 month. Then finally I went back to Japan in December 2012.

Unfortunately it's tough to take long holidays as a typical Japanese worker, so I decided to guide and communicate with foreign people staying Japanese.

Let's go a Japanese local culture tour together.
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Reviews (11)

  • Jennifer Jennifer

    Return of the makoto-San

    Had such a great time with mak - so friendly respectful and above all knows some fabulous off the beaten track places to eat, drink and mingle with real Tokyo . He went above and beyond to spend time and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend - thank youfor a fab first night introduction to Japan! -I leant so much. Domo arigotou :) x

  • Louise Louise

    Our night out with Makoto was such a special experience that we will never forget, we had so much fun and he was such a lovely host. I would recommend this experience to anyone. We drank sake, beer and enjoyed local food, we would have never had the courage to visit some of these places on our own due to the language barrier. A fun night was had all round. Thank you Makoto

  • James James

    We had a good time eating the izakaya and seeing the yakitori street. Makoto is a good guide who is very happy to give tours. Thanks for the good time!

  • Kathy Kathy

    We had a great time on the Yokocho night. Makoto is a wonderful guide who really enjoys taking people out to show them the town. We had excellent sake, and was able to try some great food. Highly recommend as an early outing when arriving in Tokyo.

  • James James

    Had an absolutely fantastic evening!

    Met up with Makoto and we had a great time. He took us to this small bar full of locals where I'd never have gone. Had some fantastic food and drinks. Moved onto a sake bar where again, I would have been too scared to go due to the language barrier.

    We then went to a bar that only serves one brand of beer and make great cocktails out of it. Super trendy place full of young working class people. But the real treat was the last place. He took us down some alleys that no one would ever go down in Canada, but on the other side was a small street with chairs and tables setup outside. Fantastic yakitori and more beer.

    Makoto was super easy to talk to about everything from Japan, trips to other countries, samurai and gangster movies, and food. I highly recommend this if you love food and beer, and want to go somewhere that you'll most likely never find on your own. 5 stars! #NoWifeNoKids! Motto of the night! Paaaaarty!

  • Joel Joel

    Fun night out!

    Great time and totally worth it! Makoto was friendly, funny and a great time. We went to several spots that we never would have found on our own. The Sake tasting alone was great. Many thank you's!!!


  • Joonas Joonas

    Great night!

    Even though the weather was really bad, the evening with Makoto was really fun! He even brought his friend with him to go with us. We first went to taste different kinds of sake on this nice local place. After that we went to a yakitori izakaya where we had a great dinner and lots of fun.
    So thank you Makoto, I had a really great evening with you guys. Hope we'll meet again someday. 😄

  • Shiew Shiew

    Makoto met me at the exact minute stated and then we went on a bars night crawl. He exposed me to a sake speciality standing pub and we had a large variety of sake and pub food, and followed up by a very nice walk through a food street and amazing yakitori dinner! As we chatted, he took note of my interests and brought me to nearby places that had things of interests for me. Great host!

  • Brian Brian

    We had an incredible evening. Makoto was a perfect host and super nice guy! We were able to see parts of Tokyo that we wouldn't have been able to experience as regular tourists. Highly recommended!

  • Rajeev Rajeev

    I had a great Evening. One of the Best Evenings I had. Makoto is a very friendly and very informative. He made my experience truly memorable.

    Thanks, Makoto. Hope to see you again.