Watch a Japanese Pop Idol Performance in Akihabara

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We have nurtured a host of performers - pro and amateur alike. From DJs to models, young women of all types have graced the venue with their artistic expression; they also work at cafes and bars in the same building so guests are able to interact with them off the stage. The music and design are brought to you through the participation of well-known anime creators. Of course, none of this would be complete without the unique experience of the accompanying otaku subculture.

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Reviews (2)

  • Diego Diego

    I have been in Japan for 6 months and this has been one of the best experiences! It's not only funny and interesting, but a real approach to the modern Japanese culture. You will hardly find more otaku places than this one. It even includes a Maid café upstairs! this represents Akihabara better than any other thing I have done there.

    Let me describe the show itself. The Otage is a performance made by wannabes J-idol girls whjo sing famous song (or even their own ones) on a small stage a bit hidden in Akihabara. The venu consists of 2 stories. The first one has the stage whiule the second one is a maid cafe. The artists are dresses like maids so when they do not perform they are upstairs and you can talk to them. Anyway, as soon as we entered some of the girls talked to us, even in English, gave us posters with the cover of their records and info about them. It was very cool and one of the girls talked to us for a while also. Even when she was singing she said things in English for us. She was really nice, kawaii and moe ;)

    Being this incredible itself, the biggest show to me was given by the audience. Some salarymen, students, and people from all ages started coming and warming up. They were really usual clients there and knew many of the girls. Some even had t-shirts with their names! when the songs started then obviously knew the lyrics and danced like their lives was at stake. I thought some arms would fly off their bodies or they would get a heart-attack! It was so funny how energetic they were. I was looking at them more than at the performers!! they are REAL REAL OTAKUS. Try to find this somewhere else!

    If you are any interested in Manga, Anime, or want to know what Akihabara represents nowadays further than the old Radio Center and electronics parts selling, this is the best you can do. It was so rewarding and surprisingly good for someone who had been there for half a year already. Ikimashou!!

  • Mark Mark

    Voyagin's description of the event is highly misleading. The information on Voyagin stated the performance will be from 8pm to 9pm. Instead, the show came to an abrupt halt at 8:30pm, and guests were invited to have dinner in a cafe at the premise - the show would resume only at 9:20pm. This was obviously a ploy to make customers spend more money. As I already had my dinner, and didn't want to wait another 50 minutes for the show to re-start, I left at 8:30pm, after having only watched half the show. Needless to say, I l felt cheated.

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